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One Final Post.

Hey! We may be dead, the the minds behind Omega are still kicking! We operate out of this YouTube channel. Check it out!


We’re Going Dormant

It is my sad duty to tell you that, for now, Omega is stopping its articles. This may not be permanent. I hope that in the future we will return, but for now… Goodbye. Thank You.

Nintendo of Japan Halting Wii U Production

On Nintendo’s official Japanese site, all Wii U models’ “production is coming to an end soon.” Continue reading “Nintendo of Japan Halting Wii U Production”

Jurassic World is now a Trilogy

Jurassic World is one of the biggest movies of all time (the fourth, to be exact), and was extremely well received by Jurassic fans. But as it turns out, the Jurassic World movie that came out on June 12th, 2015, was always destined to be the beginning of an exciting trilogy that goes “to the next level, and [they] don’t necessarily mean in scale.”  Continue reading “Jurassic World is now a Trilogy”

Mister Doctor: Strange? Maybe, But Who Am I To Judge.

In all seriousness the 14th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has dropped and… it’s good. Wh– of course it’s good. Did you really expect me to say that a MARVEL FILM was BAD? Continue reading “Mister Doctor: Strange? Maybe, But Who Am I To Judge.”

The Nintendo Power Line is Back!

Back in the days when when it came to video games, it was “get N or get out,” you couldn’t really go online and look for a walkthrough guide to a particularly difficult game. Considering most of Nintendo’s games were (fittingly) “Nintendo Hard,” that made gaming as a whole particularly difficult. Enter the Nintendo Power Line. Continue reading “The Nintendo Power Line is Back!”

Pokemon GO Gets a Cool New Update

Niantic launched a new update for Pokemon GO on November 1st, 2016. This update contains new features that many players have been wanting for a long time. I’ll tell you up front that this update does NOT contain trading between players, battling between players, or for that matter, a real battle system. Continue reading “Pokemon GO Gets a Cool New Update”

Nintendo’s Big Switch

On October 20th, 2016, Nintendo finally unveiled their mysterious Codename: NX. The new console was the Nintendo Switch Continue reading “Nintendo’s Big Switch”

Playing Games: Binge or Breaks?

I have a question: How do you properly play a game? Continue reading “Playing Games: Binge or Breaks?”

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