Sega wasn’t being talked about at E3, but that’s because they were holding their own event: the SONIC 25th ANNIVERSARY PARTY!!! And, while the stream was full of repeats, lag, and… Totino’s® of all things, it also showed off two new, interesting, fun-looking games. So let’s talk about that.


First up is Sonic Mania, an homage to the Genesis era of Sonic. However, unlike Sonic 4, this game actually plays, looks and acts like Sonic 1, 2, or 3. (& Knuckles) The demo at the “party” showed off two new levels: A re-imagined Green Hill and Studiopolis Zone, a new stage for the game. Both of the stages, despite one of them being old, feel like a breath of fresh air for the Sonic franchise. The trailer also revealed that we’ll be able to play as three characters: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Overall, Sonic Mania looks like a great way to get the old fans back onboard with the Sonic franchise.


But then, things got worrisome. A trailer started with a city on fire, giant robots and no hope. Sonic was here two, but angry with no signs of levity. But then Classic Sonic showed up and everyone was smiling again! Welcome to Project Sonic 2017: JOIN THE RESISTANCE. As soon as we saw the trailer, everyone, including myself, immediately thought this was Generations 2. However, Takashi Iizuka stressed that this wasn’t a sequel, so what is it? Personally, I believe that we are witnessing a Sonic Adventure X Sonic Generations game. Multiple Sonics all playable in the ultimate celebration of the “Blue Blur.” Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, Dreamcast Sonic, BOOM Sonic, and maybe more. A lighthearted Sonic Army VS the serious threat of Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik. This isn’t just a fight anymore; this is a war. Hence the tagline: Join the Resistance.