Remember, back in April, when that Nintendo investor’s meeting was released and they confirmed that Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem were both going to be turned into mobile games. We all thought those would be the next two after Pokémon GO. But nope! Nintendo, the kings of left field, announces Super Mario Run. AT THE iPHONE 7 ANNOUNCEMENT, NO LESS! Let’s take a look at the surprising new mobile game from Nintendo.


Plenty of people have been labeling Super Mario Run (SMR) a runner, but it’s more like a traditional Mario game. While, yes, you don’t directly control Mario’s movement, there are enemies, timing puzzles, (via Pause Blocks) bosses, and, unlike most runners, an end goal. SMR is a paid game, but there is no “Pay-to-Play” inside of the game, so you buy the game once, and get the full game. The game looks pretty good too, considering that it’s on a mobile platform. If the NX is what we think it is, it’s also possible that SMR may get an NX port. The only problem I see with SMR is that it is a timed exclusive on Apple platforms.

While I have an iPhone 6, most of us here at Omega have an Android, so we’ll have to wait to play the game, as will other Android users. Super Mario Run really does look fun, and we hope Nintendo can keep the mobile hype going after the pseudo-death of Pokémon GO.