On October 20th, 2016, Nintendo finally unveiled their mysterious Codename: NX. The new console was the Nintendo Switch and… it was exactly what we all expected. A home console that you can take on the go. nintendo-patent-ftEven though we know about it months in advance, it was still pretty cool to finally see a trailer. The three-minute long video showed off what it can do and a couple tech demos. We saw Mario super-mario-switch_1 Skyrim: Remastered, Mario Kart,mario-kart-switch_2 NBA 2K, and Splat2n.first-look-at-nintendo-switch00031508still025jpg-fe1d87_765w We also saw what is currently our only confirmed game: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Personally, I love the concept, but I do have my worries. If the console is anything more than $300, it WILL fail. If the console doesn’t have a good launch line-up, it WILL fail. If it doesn’t have good third-party support, it WILL fail. Basically if it makes any of the same mistakes the Wii U did, it WILL fail. This console could save Nintendo, but it could also SEGA-ify it.