Niantic launched a new update for Pokemon GO on November 1st, 2016. This update contains new features that many players have been wanting for a long time. I’ll tell you up front that this update does NOT contain trading between players, battling between players, or for that matter, a real battle system.

The update that Niantic launched includes daily bonuses. This is an incentive to start playing Pokemon GO every day again, sort of. There’re two things that will get you a daily bonus. Catching a Pokemon every day will earn you 500 XP and 600 stardust. After that first catch of the day, you will get the regular award for each subsequent Pokemon. After catching a Pokemon every day for seven days straight, you’ll get an even bigger bonus. On that seventh day, you will get 2,000 XP and 2,400 stardust. After that seventh day, the cycle will start over.

Catch a Pokemon every day to get more XP and stardust!


You can also get a daily bonus from PokeStops. Visiting a PokeStop and spinning the PhotoDisc every day will get you 500 XP and several items in addition to the normal items you would get from the PokeStop. If you spin the PhotoDisc every day for seven days straight, you’ll get 2,000 XP and even more additional items. Remember, these daily bonuses reset at midnight, not every 24 hours. That won’t affect most people, but I thought I should put it out there because it will affect some people.

Spin the PhotoDisc every day to get more stuff!


Due to this new update, you may see some more people standing at street corners playing Pokemon GO now. Obviously, you’re not going to see riots and stampedes in Central Park like you did in July or August when Pokemon GO was still in its prime and everyone was playing it, but there will probably be some more people playing. Heck, I might even start playing again, and you might too. This will also make it easier to level up at those high levels and get past that intolerable grind. After all, thanks to this, you can level up pretty quickly just by logging on every day and playing for about ten minutes or less.

Where is Ditto?


We still don’t know how to catch Ditto, though… I wonder if Niantic will ever actually add new Pokemon and features?