Back in the days when when it came to video games, it was “get N or get out,” you couldn’t really go online and look for a walkthrough guide to a particularly difficult game. Considering most of Nintendo’s games were (fittingly) “Nintendo Hard,” that made gaming as a whole particularly difficult. Enter the Nintendo Power Line.

Until June of 2010, you could call 206-855-7529, or 855-PLAY, and get tips on any of your video games. You said the name of the game, what you needed help with, and a “counselor” would open up a binder with tips, tricks, maps, etc., and explain what you needed to do. It was great for kids of the day.

An ad for the Nintendo Power Line in Nintendo Power. Don’t call that number anymore! There’s a new one!

However, as the internet became more prominent and you could literally type “How do I ___” into Google and get the answer, the Nintendo Power Line became less and less useful until it was eventually discontinued.

But on the weekend that the NES Mini comes out, or Veterans Day weekend, or 11-11-16 through 11-13-16, the Nintendo Power Line will be back up for you to call and get tips on your games to commemorate the launch of the NES Mini!

The Nintendo Classic Mini. YOU help your PARENTS hook it up!

This time you’ll call 425-885-7529, and you can only get tips on the 30 games that are on the NES Mini. Still, that’s a lot of them, and chances are you won’t have any other NES games you’ll be playing that weekend, anyway.

So throw out that stupid, top-of-the-line, Windows 10 PC with an advanced internet browser in exchange for a phone to call a number and probably be on hold for 10 minutes. But you know, for the nostalgia. You’ll be glad you did.