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Play CoD Black Ops: 3 for Free for a Limited Time

October 1, 2016 – Look, you’ll never see us talking about Call of Duty very much here at Omega Magazine. But one quick look at Steam for a limited time will yield a very surprising result involving Call of Duty Black Ops: 3. Continue reading “Play CoD Black Ops: 3 for Free for a Limited Time”


Ubisoft Really, REALLY likes the NX

Ubisoft has praised the console many times before, with statements like “The new Nintendo [console] is a fantastic machine.””We love it.” But now, they’ve gone one step further. Continue reading “Ubisoft Really, REALLY likes the NX”

NX Confirmed as a Hybrid?!

The NX has been a hot topic lately, which is surprising considering that all we’ve had to go on is a few patents and rumors. However, we think we have something. Continue reading “NX Confirmed as a Hybrid?!”

First Impressions of Super Mario Run

Remember, back in April, when that Nintendo investor’s meeting was released and they confirmed that Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem were both going to be turned into mobile games. We all thought those would be the next two after Pokémon GO. But nope! Nintendo, the kings of left field, announces Super Mario Run. AT THE iPHONE 7 ANNOUNCEMENT, NO LESS! Let’s take a look at the surprising new mobile game from Nintendo. Continue reading “First Impressions of Super Mario Run”

The Future of Sonic in 2017

Sega wasn’t being talked about at E3, but that’s because they were holding their own event: the SONIC 25th ANNIVERSARY PARTY!!! And, while the stream was full of repeats, lag, and… Totino’s® of all things, it also showed off two new, interesting, fun-looking games. So let’s talk about that. Continue reading “The Future of Sonic in 2017”

Say Hello to the Future of Crime-Fighting

It seems as though crime-fighting technology is at a bit of a stand-still. I mean, over the past 20 years, it’s been pretty much the same. We’ve got the security cameras, fast police cars, dashboard cams, etc., but what is the future, if there is any? In a word, drones. Continue reading “Say Hello to the Future of Crime-Fighting”

The Great iPhone Conspiracy – Opinion

So the internet has been exploding with news, leaks, theories, etc. about the latest iPhone, the 7. But here at Omega Magazine, we’ve decided to do a different kind of article about iPhones. The one involving the conspiracy, that you just may have not noticed.  Continue reading “The Great iPhone Conspiracy – Opinion”

Zelda@E3: Review, Analyze, and Speculate

With E3 come and gone, Nintendo fans were left pretty let down. Sure there was a new Mario Party, the disgrace they call Color Splash, and a few indie titles, but the only big announcements came in the form of LoZ: Breath of the Wild, and the new Pokemon in Sun and Moon, which just feels like an expansion to X/Y. That being said, Breath of the Wild (BotW) did not dissapoint, there was so much info, I could write three articles! In fact, I will! This month, we’re going to review, analyze, and speculate about the newest adventure coming to Wii U and Codename: NX Continue reading “Zelda@E3: Review, Analyze, and Speculate”

Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright Review

Fire Emblem Fates was my first game in the series, so I went in very skeptical. I wasn’t without hope, since I had heard the praises of Awakening, but I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. Boy, was I wrong. Fire Emblem Fates was and still is a very enjoyable experience on the 3DS. Just to be clear, this article covers the Birthright edition of the game, as I have not been able to finish either the Conquest or Revelation editions. Continue reading “Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright Review”

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